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6.5 Inch UL Certified Self Balancing Scooter New Arrival

Two-wheel Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter : 

  • With UL certification      Read More  >>
  • LED Light
  • Bluetooth connect with Phone and PC
  • Smart battery group management
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to learn

$419.00$439.00 $389.00$409.00

Equipped with wireless Bluetooth speaker , you can link up your hoverboard with your cell phone,so that you can cruise along while listening to your favorite music.
Self balancing app is remote control software designed specifically for self-balancing vehicles. Riders can wirelessly connect their phones with a hoverboard via Bluetooth and manage their dashboard, vehicle information, remote control and other settings. The Dashboard provides the rider information on speed, mileage, run time and temperature. It can also turn the hoverboard's motor on/off and lock/unlock it. Riders may also set parameters on the 'Setting' page for speed, light, sound and so on.


15 reviews for 6.5 Inch UL Certified Self Balancing Scooter New Arrival

  • No complaints or hassles.

  • We gave the scooter 4 days ago for my daughters 11th birthday and she is just crazy about it. Until so far it works great and the whole family is having fun with it. I am cautious giving 5 stars as I would like to see if the scooter keeps on working so well

  • Love it sooooo much.

  • Has been everything I had hoped for. My grandson loves it.

  • COOL.

  • Really fun.

  • Son loved it, no problems at all. Would recommend!

  • Highly recommend this board! Great Hover Board. I have used other boards and this one is by far the smoothest, most responsive board I have been on. The board is predictable in its actions making it very intuitive to use. 

  • I got one for my kid and he absolutely loves it

  • My husband was always hesitant to buy a hover board because of the many reports about it burning up. But with extensive research about this product its good to know that this is safe. It is guaranteed that it won’t overheat and the U.S. Government has approved Ul2722 Certification for this product as assurance that this does not overheat, spark, smoke, catch fire, etc. as stated in the description. So I was very excited to get this. As most people know this is the hottest product of the year , it is fun and thrilling.

  • I bought this for my son and let me tell you he has not stopped using it. As far as the quality of the board, it’s very sturdy and solid. Battery life is awesome. It does have a really smooth ride and never throw you off. Overall a great product at a really reasonable price. highly recommend this product!!

  • My granddaughter is going to love this thing, she wanted it last year for her bday, but was too scared she would get hurt, asked for the same thing this year.

  • I thought i have to buy another one for myself.

  • This hoverboard is great. I was really skeptical when ordering with all the fires with the chargers. I have had no issues with this since I have purchased it. I have rode this everyday as it is super fun. Once you learn your balance on it your able to do tricks and many more with it. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting hours of fun and excitement.

  • Great hoverboard for light transportation or hours of fun! The quality appears to be very sturdy. Easy to use and carry. I thought I would be struggling to learn to ride this because I don’t know how to ride a bike, scooter, or skateboards. However, this hoverboard was easy to use and learn. Just read the instructions that are very simple to understand. 

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