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6.5 Inch Self Balancing Scooter With LED Light,Free Shipping

Two-wheel Self Balancing Smart Electric Scooter : 

  • With 6.5 Inch tire
  • LED Light
  • Bluetooth connect with Phone and PC
  • Smart battery group management
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to learn

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Equipped with wireless Bluetooth speaker , you can link up your hoverboard with your cell phone,so that you can cruise along while listening to your favorite music.
Self balancing app is remote control software designed specifically for self-balancing vehicles. Riders can wirelessly connect their phones with a hoverboard via Bluetooth and manage their dashboard, vehicle information, remote control and other settings. The Dashboard provides the rider information on speed, mileage, run time and temperature. It can also turn the hoverboard's motor on/off and lock/unlock it. Riders may also set parameters on the 'Setting' page for speed, light, sound and so on.

6.5 Inch Self Balancing Scooter With LED Light
Items Specification Data Remarks
Performance N.W. 11kg
Highest capacity 120kg
Highest speed 18km/h
Range per charge 20km Varying from the road condition, playing mode, the load weight etc
Climbing 25 degree Varying from the user weight
Battery 18650 lithium battery 158WH/4.4AH Storage time: 12 months(-20°C-25°C)
Power supply 90-240V 50-60Hz Compatible in all the countries
Charging time 4hours
product size 60cm*22.5cm*18.5cm
package size 68cm*30cm*28cm
Tire 6.5inch
Optional Function bluetooth speaker,remote control
6-5-m1-black-04 6-5-m1-black-05
6-5-m1-black-06 6-5-m1-red-03

Black, White, Blue, Red

33 reviews for 6.5 Inch Self Balancing Scooter With LED Light,Free Shipping


  • My nephew loved his bday gift!!!!

  • Purchased this hoverboard and it arrives much quicker than estimated! The kids love riding this thing everywhere

  • It was sooo worth buying this good.

  • Arrived in a timely manner and met every expectation my daughter loves it

  • My daughter loves her Hoverboard. best purchase.

  • Shipped quickly

  • Nice very smooth and can go, took me about a day to control the my balance but after I got it I had to much fun.

  • We purchased this product for our granddaughter for Christmas. After we got it, we were concerned on how safe it was going to be for an 11-year old, but after her second attempt of riding, she had no problem whatsoever.

  • Great for beginners. I got the hang of it in about 20 minutes!

  • Although it took a while to receive it due to back order /color issues it was worth the wait!

  • It is easy to control.

  • Great product, customer service, and shipping time. It is a very nice board and the self balance is amazing.

  • I bought this for my daughter for her Birthday and she can’t stay off of it. It’s well made and charges quickly. She would sleep with it if she could.

  • Absolutely love it. I’ve never hatched Pokemon Eggs quicker.

  • My son rides it everywhere, to his friends house, to the mailbox, from the living room to his bedroom… Well made and sturdy. Fast delivery and packaged well.

  • This scooter is a hit for my grandchildren. It’s sturdy and very well built has a powerful motor and has given them hours of fun.

  • My daughter has been able to rolll around every where like its nothing. It charges quickly and the charge lasts for a long time. No complaints.

  • My 15 yr old son bought this with money he saved. He loves it. It seems to be very good quality. They kids have had a lot of fun riding around the house. He is able to ride it for about an hour before it needs to be recharged. 

  • At first this hoverboard is challenging when you have no experience but with little practice with in a week you will get used to it, it is fun!! I recommend you to buy this not only for kids but for yourself, Because when your kids are biking you won’t have to run to chase the bike and get your feet sore. This gift was for my sons and turn out to become a family vehicle. If you are on a hill then you can speed up quick. These hover boards can take you any where on hills, bumpy roads, blacktops, and concrete.

  • Soooo funny.

  • So Far so Good! Bought this for my 12 year old son and I can’t stay off it myself. It is so much fun. Really impressed with the quality of the build of this thing. It takes just about 10 min or so to figure it out (if you have any sense of balance at all anyway) and then you are on your way. 

  • I thought my hoverboard would blow up or catch on fire like all the others but no I bought my hoverboard as soon as possible and there has been NO and i mean NO malfunctions for any sort of troubles.

  • I love the design.


  • My son (13 years old) got this hoverboard as a gift. It was exactly as promised in the advertisement. It was assembled. We charged it and it was ready to go. He has been enjoying the gift and we would highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a hoverboard.

  • Have tried outside too, and works well on most road conditions, but the smoother the better, as it can be a very rough ride if not on a smooth surface. A great buy

  • Definitley worth the money!

  • Good price, great delivery time. Made most excellent gift.

  • The product looks great. It is sturdy and quite heavy. It feels more solid than its less expensive competitors. Also, it is fast enough for my kids to zoom around the house on it, but not so fast as to be dangerous.

  • Such a great product! In the words of my nine year old “this is the best present ever!”

  • I bought this for my 15 year old son after doing some research online. I thought it was priced very well and I am so happy I went with this one. My son absolutely loves it! It was very easy to learn how to ride.

  • My son is 55lbs, so over the minimum weight, but it keeps vibrating on him, like maybe he doesn’t weigh enough. He absolutely loves it though other than it kicks him off now and again because of the vibrations.

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