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About us


We are expert on producing & manufacturing hoverboards. The hoverboard scooters that we sale is coming with solid construction, high quality components & Samsung battery, which can prevent you from fires and explode.

Your funds suppose to deserved a good & stable hottest hover board toys which can bring happiness to you and your family.


Frankly speaking, hoverboards can’t actually levitate, instead, they use wheels to roll across the ground.

The more accurate name is “self-balancing scooter“.They are very easy control, moving forward when you lean forward and braking and reversing when you lean back. you face forward while riding, instead of facing to one side as you would with a skateboard.

You control and steer them with subtle movements of your feet, legs and torso.So the hover boards are far more fun to ride than a skateboard.


Regard terms of safety, herewith we have some lists for you to keep safe and happy with hoverboard:

  1. Buy from a trusted manufacturer that uses high quality components.
  2. Don’t drop it, kick it, or hit sharp objects with it. (Any of these things may damage the separator sheets in the battery pack and cause a fire)
  3. Don’t charge the hoverboard at night when you sleeping or while you not at home in day time.
  4. Proper safety gear is a must while riding, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. This will lower your risk of fractures, sprains and other injuries if you fall.
  5. Don’t ride a hoverboard in the street or near traffic.
  6. Follow the local laws on “motorized vehicles”.


If you had any questions before ordering, please contact us with [email protected]

If you want to be work as a distributor, please contact us with [email protected] as well.